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Ballpark Moving Estimates

When you call for the purpose of receiving a moving estimate, you will be able to speak with a representative that will help you plan your move. In the course of your conversation, you will be given what is referred to as a ballpark phone estimate. With this estimate, you will be able to get an idea of the minimum price of your moving job. We will be able to tell you what your minimum estimated moving costs might be based upon the information which you are able to provide to us over the phone. This will be a tentative estimate, and in combination with the move hours charged, will be part of your complete bill.

It is important to understand that because this estimate is just a ball-park cost evaluation, it will not account for your total moving costs. Rather, its purpose is to give us a general idea about the logistics of your particular move, and you a preliminary idea about what to expect price wise. The ball-park estimate can be most effective when you give as detailed an explanation of your situation as possible. It is important to provide as many details regarding the volume and size of all the items in your moving inventory.

When speaking with a representative over the phone, take care to provide as detailed an assessment as possible. Give your representative a complete list of all of the items which you would like to have moved, including their general size and weight. This will make it easier to obtain an accurate estimate.

When you contact a customer service representative over the phone, you will usually be given this ball-park estimate to assess your moving job. But it can also be helpful to receive a more specific and precise estimate. The best thing to get is an In-Home estimate. It is the best way to plan the financial aspect of your move. You will want to get as accurate an estimate as possible, so you can obtain an in-home estimator which will assist you in assessing the inventory in your home so that you can receive a “fixed or not-to-exceed” estimate for your move. The benefit of having an estimator come to your house is that it allows your mover to get a very precise idea of the scope of your move, so that we can give you a “fixed estimate” or a “not-to-exceed estimate”.

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