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When consumers are searching for a moving company to help them with their transition, they often don’t realize that there are several types of estimates which moving companies are offering. They might collect estimates from these companies on the assumption that they are all operating with the same pricing standards. But this is unfortunately not the case. Indeed there are many types of estimates which one will encounter in the moving industry, and every consumer looking for a moving company should be aware of this fact.

Of all these pricing models, the Not-To-Exceed estimate is by far the most favorable for consumers. These estimates allow customers to have a predetermined moving price, and this helps them to finance their transition with confidence. It means that while you might not know exactly what you are going to have to pay, you will know that it will not exceed the estimate given. No extra fees, no erroneous charges or surprise costs on moving day. This means that even if the actual weight of your inventory exceeds the original written estimate, you will still only have to pay for the amount specified in the original estimate. Yet if your actual weight ends up being than what is specified in the original estimate, you will still pay less than the amount of the estimate, this is because the clause only governs the maximum limit of the estimate, not its minimum. Once you receive a not to exceed estimate, your final cost can only get lower.

Binding estimates are also a good option. These estimates serve as an agreement for a fixed price. This type of contract means that you agree to pay a fixed amount for the move, and the company agrees to move your stuff for the price specified in the written estimate. Here, the weight of your inventory is irrelevant. This is the most straight forward type of estimate. However it is important that you make a detailed list of your inventory so as to avoid short-changing your mover. Companies often reserve the right to challenge the estimate on loading day if it appears that the customer has snuck in extra inventory post-estimate. It is also important that you go with a reputable mover if you are going to pursue this type of estimate. This is because there is a risk to the consumer if the mover chooses to highball the estimate in order to squeeze extra money out of the customer. Make sure to choose a mover with a proven track record.

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