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When planning your move, there is a whole range of things which you must take into consideration. Having appropriate moving supplies is an important feature of a successful relocation. Inevitably, everyone forgets something, and that last minute run can cost you time and money; slowing down your moving process as people wait for the supplies they need. Thus, it is important to get everything you need and have it ready beforehand. This article compiles a list of the most important moving supplies which nobody should move without.

Packing Supplies

Boxes: These can usually be purchased from your local moving supply companies.). Also, office supply stores such as Staples carry them in a wide variety of volume sizes. They typically come in standard and heavy duty varieties. The boxes come unfolded in 3 packs or five packs, and you can mix and match sizes so that you have the ones you need for any type of item. You can also free ones from liquor stores or grocery stores. Hit up your place of work to see if they have any paper-case boxes that they don’t plan on using. Remember to keep box sizes manageable. A 50’x50’x50 box might hold a lot, but once it’s filled, you’ll most likely find it impossible to lift!

Packing Tape: Be sure to acquire plenty of tape to seal off your boxes. It comes fairly cheap, so make sure you get enough of it in order to avoid having to run out and buy more. If you end up with extra, it’s ok. Who doesn’t need tape? Remember to purchase tape guns too. They make packing much faster.

Newspaper: Excellent for packing your dishes, glasses and other small, fragile items. Newspaper is very easy to find. Just drop by one of the free newspaper stands (nobody reads those things anyway!) and grab a bunch. You can also plan ahead by saving your papers during the weeks running up to your move. Recycle them when done!

Colored Markers: Use these to color coordinate your move. Label the boxes from each room with a specific color, that way, when you unpack, you know where everything goes.

Scissors: Important for cutting tape and making labels. You’ll be surprised how often someone in your moving party will yell “Does anyone have something I can cut this with?” It always comes up, trust us.

Trash bags: You’ll need them for trash and for storage. There will always be a few items lying around after you’ve run out of boxes (cleaning supplies etc.). Remember to get the heavy duty type, and the clear plastic ones if you can. These make it easier to see what’s being carried inside without having to rip them open.

Personal items: You will need a basic collection of necessary items. These include, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, bathroom tissue, etc. all of the things you’ll need when midnight rolls around and you haven’t unpacked them!

Cleaning supplies: Once you’re done packing up, and your moving trucks have pulled away, you’ll be stuck having to clean up the place. This is especially important if you are a renter and you want to get your security deposit back. You’ll want to scrub the place spick and span! Remember cleaning solution, rags, mops and brooms, etc.

If you remember all of these items, you will have the essential implements to facilitate your move. There might be some things not on this list, but nothing that you absolutely cannot do without.

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