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Commercial moving pricing is very difficult (but not impossible) to estimate for a variety of reasons I will explain which in this article. One must take a very careful approach in facilitating a commercial move, and a lot of planning has to go into a well-executed commercial move. If we define moving as hauling belongings from one location to another, the cost for a move is relatively straightforward. The price is often computed based on factors such as labor, materials, weight, and distance, and the price range among moving companies does not really vary much. However, moving is a different and unique experience for any commercial enterprise, and hauling is only one aspect of a move.

Commercial moving is often far more complicated than moving house. It often entails moving large and expensive mission critical equipment. How large, how fragile and how mission critical will have a definite impact on the cost to move it. The scales are also far greater, whereas moving house will usually require only one or two trucks, commercial moves can require far more.

For a commercial move the first consideration is the type of service required. It would surprise you at the sheer number of similar yet distinct services available. There are international movers, interstate movers, interstate relocation services, removal services and even specialty items movers.

International and interstate movers are fairly straightforward; they move your office equipment from one pre-defined location to another. The main differences lie in where they may operate. International movers usually cover the entire United States and much of the world. Interstate movers are usually limited to only specific areas in the US. International movers are better equipped and have more value added services such as taking care of paperwork, and insurance. Some interstate movers may offer packing and packing materials as part of their service, all international movers offer that service. For short moves though, interstate movers are just as efficient and more cost effective.

Interstate relocation companies are primarily movers, but they offer a unique service; they actually help you find office space or a storefront in the area where you wish to relocate. Removal companies take care of equipment that will not be relocated, but which cannot simply be discarded either. Specialty movers take care of equipment that is “difficult”. Like mainframe computers, copiers, medical diagnostic equipment, scientific testing equipment and other sensitive specialized, and very fragile items. A large office may actually need to employ a combination of a few of these services rather than getting one company to do everything.

Another important consideration for a commercial move is moving insurance. Mandatory basic liability insurance just isn’t good enough for most offices. There are virtually no businesses that don’t have several computers. Basic liability insurance which is the only thing that movers are allowed to provide works on a value per weight basis. Put simply; if a mover damages or losses an item. the insurance will pay the customer between $.30 to $.60 per pound of the total weight of the item. This is fine for used furniture, but will be totally unacceptable for a computer or any high value electronics.

Replacement value coverage is a must for any company looking to relocate. Moving companies are not allowed to sell this type of insurance, so you will need to talk to a moving insurance company. The cost of replacement value coverage varies according to the declared value of the equipment and the amount of coverage desired. A client may opt for full service or named peril service, full service coverage means that the insurance company pays for all items damaged or lost regardless of the circumstances, but named peril coverage only pays out if the loss or damage occurs as a result of a predefined set of perils. Equipment can be insured per item, or in the case of low value items, they can be lumped together, and assigned a single price everything.

Moving your office can be challenging and even daunting. However there is no lack of experienced professionals to help out. Getting a good price is a function of knowing what options are out there and how they can address your needs. In the end, taking the time to learn what is out there should help you make a wise and cost effective choice.

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