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Not so long ago, the moving industry carried with it a stigma of being one of the least environmentally friendly industries around. Between gas-guzzling trucks, mountains of cardboard boxes and reams of duck tape, movers everywhere were branded as environmental hazards thanks to the carelessness of the few. But the times are changing and the industry is looking towards a brighter, greener future.

At Topline, we are dedicated to improving the world around us by ‘Going Green’ and playing our part in providing our clients with the cleanest move possible. Already, we have committed ourselves to three major drives to drastically reduce the waste that can be left behind after a major relocation. They are designed to reduce waste paper and cardboard, reduce traffic congestion on the roads and reduce the level of gas and energy consumption.

They may not be revolutionary ideas or turn the world on its head but, at Topline, we know that even the smallest change can have the biggest result. Of course, it doesn’t just stop there and further steps will be taken in the future as we continue to improve our already unparalleled services.

Box Exchange

We are backing a drive to see existing boxes – made of cardboard or otherwise – re-used by others in need of packing vessels. While we all agree that recycling is a good thing, often materials are recycled before their time. With our Box Exchange programme, you can drop off your used cardboard boxes so that others can make good use of them before they finally meet their end at the recycling station.

Paper-Free Office

Improving the environment can also be done by reducing waste in the office, and at Topline we have turned out office into a paper-free zone. Now, all of the daily transactions carried out in our offices are now done electronically, moving the pressure from the wastepaper basket to our typing-happy finger tips. We only use paper when it is absolutely necessary, which is when we give our customers their copy of a contract or their receipt.

Easing Traffic Congestion

The carbon footprint left by a moving and storage company can be quite large, but we are striving to reduce our footprint by doing our bit to reduce traffic congestion. Over 50% of our staff is now able to work from home, removing their need to drive to their desks. With more cars off the road, there is lighter traffic and energy and fuel are conserved. Also, our staff gets to enjoy a home-brewed coffee while working, which leaves everyone happy.

More in the Pipeline

At Topline we’re not interested in simply making gestures. We are committed to progress and improving our service to our customer in every way. That is why we are maintaining an interest in everything ‘Green’ with a view to furthering our contribution to a cleaner environment. So, there is more in the pipeline as we look at the array of avenues still open to us. As we implement any new measures tailored to both a better service to you and a better world that we all live in, we will let you know.

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