Local Moving FAQ for Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC Residences

What are your local moving rates?

Moving rates are dependent upon when you are moving and the number of men/equipment required to complete your move. These factors impact the overall cost of planning your move the best thing to do is to get a complete estimate from a Topline customer service expert.

How much is the deposit to secure the date/day for my local move?

The deposit will be equivalent to your 1 hour of travel time, which is based on your hourly rate. This deposit is fully refundable for up to 72 hours before your move. The purpose of this deposit is to reserve your truck and crew so that nobody else can book them for your chosen moving date.

Do you offer “binding” and/or “non-binding” moving estimates for local moves?

Topline offers both binding and non-binding estimates. By default, when you plan your move, all estimates will be non-binding. However you always have the option of receiving a binding estimate. In order to do this, we ask that you provide a detailed inventory of all items to be moved. The inventory list can be filled out electronically via the estimate that I sent you, or we could also take your inventory over the phone or in person. If an item in your home doesn’t fit any of the categories on our electronic inventory list, we could add a “custom” field and describe the item to be shipped. The reason we have to be very specific when we give a binding estimate is because if we underestimate the job to be done, this can lead to confusion and frustration on both sides.

How do I know whether you will be available on the dates I need to move?

Topline has an enormous fleet of trucks and an immense body of experienced, professional movers. We can accommodate almost any move. We offer year-round service. Experience has shown however, that there are times when demand is particularly high. One of the busiest times in the moving industry is the end of the month. This is because people often need to be moved in or out in order to reach a deadline. The best thing to do is to plan as well in advance as possible.

Do really need all those guys to help me move? It’s just a local move…

It is important to assign the most efficient number of movers on every job. The long-term cost of under-staffing can be higher when all is said and done. This is because fewer, men means slower move times. With fewer men, the incidence of injury and fatigue increase, and likewise the probability of damaged property goes up as well. Topline will staff your job with highly skilled, efficient and competent moving professionals, ensuring that your move is efficient and your property is protected.

Are you licensed?

Topline is a fully licensed moving company. Our licensing number is US DOT #1777365. Proof of licensing can be obtained by visiting SaferWeb, an online resource provided by the DOT. Here you can conveniently confirm our licensing, insurance, and safety records.

What is the earliest time the movers can arrive to start the moving process and what is the latest?

The earliest time that we can show up for a move is 7:00am. The latest time of day we can show up is dependent on the size and nature of the move. If it is a full-service packing job we like to get to the home earlier in the day, so that we can finish at a reasonable time of day. This ensures that you are moved into your new space in a timely manner

Why do other local moving companies sometimes seem cheaper?

Topline is an extremely competitive moving company. Besides hourly rates, there is a whole range of factors that go into the cost of the move. But these factors will usually be taken into account when you plan your move. This cannot be said for all other companies. Some places will later charge you for incidentals which all add up at the end of the day. But these companies won’t take this into account when you see their initial pricing. At the end of the day, you should see little difference in price between Topline and other companies which offer equivalent quality of service. Usually, the difference you do see is nominal, but that small difference accounts for the top-notch service and expertise offered by Topline.

What is your “Full Packing Service”?

Our full service packing means that we do all the packing for you. The packing materials are included in the cost of your move, and you have no additional fees for anything. You should be aware that the amount of labor time increases by about 3 to 4 hours with a full service pack, depending on the size and type of the inventory you have. For example, a client with a room full of antique glass will end up taking longer to pack than a client with basic kitchenware.

Why do you need to pack my mattresses?

Mattresses are both expensive as well as extremely delicate. As a sleeping surface, you want your mattress to remain clean. Also, because they are easily torn, you want them to remain protected throughout the moving process. By boxing your mattress, we are assuring that it is in the same condition it was before you moved, and you can literally “rest assured” that your first night in your new residence will be spent on safe, clean bedding.

Why do you need to pack my TV?

Today’s TV’s are particularly delicate. Pixels in your screen can blow out with even the slightest nudge. Because of the expensive nature of this equipment, we will box up your TV to ensure that it is protected throughout the moving process.

How much should I tip your movers?

Tipping is always entirely your choice. You will never be expected to tip our movers, and they will never ask you to. However, tips are always appreciated. To get an idea, our movers report that they usually receive somewhere on the order of $5.00 per mover per hour, but again, this is entirely up to you.

Are there any additional fees for level of difficulty on local moves?

Topline does not add additional fees for level of difficulty. However, increased difficulty does impact the time it takes to complete your move, and this of course translates into additional cost on the per-hour model. For example, the lack of an elevator could potentially increase the amount of time it takes to move you. The time increase will be dependent on what floor you live on, how far your apartment is from the freight elevator (if you have a freight elevator), how far the freight elevator is from the loading dock (if you have a loading dock), and what sorts of precautions we’d have to take on the premises having to do with protecting floors, doorways, walls, etc. Our expert movers are knowledgeable and have lots of experience handling difficult moves in an efficient and safe manner. You can be sure that Topline will minimize the extra time taken in difficult conditions while ensuring that your property is safe and secure.