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Most moving companies oversee almost every detail from packing to safely transporting your prized possessions to your new location, and one of the key offerings that professional movers offer is storage.

When making a move, be it a long distance moving, local moving, or international moving, individuals and businesses often require temporary storage to house their belongings. Some reasons why people need storage are:

  1. They haven’t yet finalized their lease or closed on their new property, or the new location is not yet move-in ready.
  2. Their new location is smaller than their existing location, and they need more space to keep their things.
  3. Their move requires local pickup and the shipment must await a long distance pickup which is dependent on availability of long distance trucks that are inbound, but haven’t yet arrived at the warehouse for pickup.
  4. International shipping can take time, and complicated logistics may require temporary storage
  5. Lots of other reasons, such as divorce, foreclosure, or going out of business.

The main point, is that professional moving companies often have their own warehouses for the convenience of their moving clientele. Often, such storage solutions are more affordable than self-storage solutions.

A moving storage company can ensure the safety of your belongings during or between the moving services. It is a perfect answer to an easy moving process. There are many moving and storage companies that you can hire for long or short terms depending on your needs.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best moving storage company for your needs. Before signing a contract, you must know and understand all the terms and conditions of your contract.

First, know how much storage capacity you will need to accommodate all your belongings comfortably with ample room for mobility inside.

Second, safeguard your belongings from deterioration or damage as a result of adverse weather temperatures. Ask if they have climate controlled facilities, and whether they carry storage insurance.

Third, ascertain the strength of their security against theft and any sort of catastrophes. Ask whether they have a smoke alarm and sprinkler system as well as 24/7 patrolled services.

These are some of the advantages of getting storage with moving companies:

  1. You will be spared from the hassles of packing or moving.
  2. Most moving companies will provide you with boxes and the materials that you will need for your packing and moving.
  3. Your things are stored and organized by category in the boxes so that you can easily have access to anything you want.
  4. You don’t have to worry about your things getting damaged when these are being transported or moved.
  5. The persons employed in moving companies are professionally trained to properly wrap, pack and store your stuff. Thus, you are hiring a professional team who is specializing in this kind of work.
  6. Hiring a moving storage company will save you time and effort. If you do the packing and storage yourself, there is a bigger possibility that some of your things might be damaged because they have not been properly packed.

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