Moving Equipment

Moving to a new place, be it an office or residential home, usuallyoffers a promise of a new beginning in a new environment. Excitement and concern are often mingled with high stress as you plan in your mind just how you’ll manage this transition that will mark another milestone in your life. Some choose to make the move themselves, while others hire a professional mover to plan and execute their move. The advantages of hiring a professional mover is that the mover not only has the right strategy to manager your relocation, but also the proper equipment to facilitate the move. To give you a glimpse of how a professional mover handles a move, take a look at this list of moving equipment that we use in our company to make moving your belongings easy, safe, and smooth.

A. Packing Materials
Our packing materials are made of industrial-grade, high quality materials to ensure maximum protection for all your belongings, be they fragile, sensitive, or oversized. Our packing materials are designed to safeguard your things when moving in and out of doorways and elevators, as well as while being loaded or unloaded from a moving truck, so that your shipment arrives in perfect condition no matter whether you’re making a local move, long distance move, or even an international move.

B. Identification Labels/ Tapes
Our inventory labels and tapes allow us to itemize and track all of your things, from big appliances, down to small items such as office documents, or kitchenware. By using this approach, we are able to track which of your things came from a specific room in your previous location, and to which room they should be moved at your new destination. This process makes tracking and inventory management an effortless task.

C. Furniture Pads and Covers
To protect both your smaller belongings as well as your larger furniture from damage, we have high quality furniture pads and covers that we use to wrap your things to avoid knicks, scratches, and other damage.

D. Strapping Equipment
We carry several types of strapping equipment that allows us to secure your belongings inside our trucks to prevent shifting and bouncing while driving. We also have strapping equipment that allows us to carry odd-shaped or exceptionally heavy items out of your home or office in a safe manner. Large items such as pianos and appliances often require special straps and equipment to securely transport them up a flight of stairs, across a room, or onto a moving truck.

E. Ropes and Webbing
In some instances, we use ropes and webbing equipment in addition to straps for additional support.

F. Tarps/Runners
In order to protect your floors, we have high quality tarps and runners that prevent scratching on wooden floors, and damage to carpeted floors.

G. Commercial Crates
For antique items or expensive fragile items we often use durable crates to safely transport them to your new location.

H. Piano Moving Equipment
When it comes to piano moving, be it an upright piano, or a baby grand, special moving equipment and operational knowledge is definitely required in order to safely move your piano to a new location. Proper handling is a must in order to prevent internal damage to the instrument, as well as superficial external damage that might deface it.

I. Dollies and Carts
Dollies and carts are the basic instruments of the moving trade. Safe moving practices protect both the items being moved, as well as the person doing the moving. Rather than lifting and carrying items, professional movers use dollies and carts to transport boxes, and some types of furniture. Apart from preventing inordinate physical strain on the person doing the moving, dollies and carts also allow movers to transport larger numbers of items at once, which increases the speed of the job.

J. Ramps and Walkboards
Ramps and wakboards generally come attached to a professional moving truck, allowing movers to use their long flat surfaces to roll items straight onto the trucks using dollies and carts. Rather than using a lift-gate that mechanically lifts and lowers cargo on and off a truck, ramps are a low-cost alternative that conserves energy, and decreases labor time.

K. Pallet Jack
Pallet jacks look like the “fork” part of a forklift, except that they are pushed by a person, rather than a small vehicle. They are usually designed to lift wooden “pallets” on which large numbers of boxes or other types of items are stored, and are most prevalent in storage facilities. They have a handle that allows the mover to hydraulically lift a pallet off the ground just enough to allow the operator to easily push the pallet. They also have a button that releases the built-up air pressure, and lowers the pallet back down to the ground.

We hope this brief description of basic moving equipment helped you understand some of the gear that professional movers use to enhance the safety and efficiency of a moving job. With some practice and training, you too can learn how to use this equipment to make a perfect move every time.