What is a moving quote and how does it work?

A moving quote is an estimate that a moving company will give you upon receiving the details of your planned move. When you contact a mover, to plan your relocation, they will be able to give you a general idea about what it will cost you to move. This will usually entail an estimate of how much man power and equipment will be needed, as well as how many hours it will take to complete the job.

Where can a get a moving quote?

The best way to obtain a moving quote is to contact your prospective mover by phone in order to get an over the phone estimate, or arrange an in home estimator to come out to your home or place of business. Some companies offer an online estimator which will calculate your moving expenses, however, such electronic estimates are rarely accurate representations, and it is recommended that you speak to someone over the phone. This way, you can be filled in as to the details and particulars of your mover’s business policies.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

When you speak to a company representative over the phone, you will need to provide as many details about your move as possible. It will be important to detail the quantity, size, weight and value of the items which you would like to have moved. You will also need to be as detailed as possible about the parameters and layout of your home or business. These details will make your estimate as accurate as possible. Failure to provide such information will likely result in you having to pay higher prices than your original quote specified.

What kind of quote can I expect to receive over the phone?

Over the phone quotes are always ballpark estimates, they are meant to provide you with a a general idea of moving costs, but are rarely precise. With a ballpark phone estimate, you will be able to get a general idea of the minimum price of your moving job. Your mover will be able to tell you what minimum estimated moving costs can be expected. This is based upon the information which you provide to the mover over the phone. This is only a tentative estimate, and in combination with the actual inventory assessment, will be part of your final bill.

What is an in-home estimate?

It is likely that you will wish to receive a more detailed estimate than what can be provided over the phone. An In-Home estimate is the best way to accomplish this. You will want to get as accurate an estimate as possible, so you can obtain an in-home estimator which will assist you in eyeballing the inventory in your home so that you can receive a “fixed or not-to-exceed” estimate for your move. The benefit of having an estimator come to your house is that it allows us to get a very clear idea of the scope of your move, so that we can give you a fixed estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate.

What is a fixed or not-to exceed estimate?

Fixed or not-to-exceed are quotes which set a fixed price for a move. They will never exceed the original price in the contract. These estimates usually quote higher prices than other types. This is not a bad thing however. It is because they are legally binding contracts requiring a mover to conduct your move for a fixed price. While this is true, they are useful to the customer in that they allow for peace of mind knowing that you won’t be charged for extra costs or hidden fees. Once the contract is entered into, you can be sure that your price is set in stone. Always remember that a moving quote is not binding unless it is specifically state in the writing as such.

Why do some companies seem so much cheaper than others?

Some places will represent very low prices in their quotes, only to later charge you for incidentals and hidden fees which all add up at the end of the day. But such companies won’t take these into account when you see their initial pricing. At the end of the day, you should see little difference in price between reputable companies if they offer equivalent quality of service. Usually, the difference you do see is nominal, but the difference between companies with competitive pricing schemes and those that purport to offer rock-bottom prices is that with the former, you can usually expect top-notch service and expertise.

What should I consider when comparing mover quotes/ How can I expect not to be ripped off by a mover?

The best advice is to research the companies you are comparing. In the end, if you want to ensure that you find an honest company that can give you a fair quote, the best thing to do is to examine their track record. Check with the Better Business Bureau to examine their records and find out their ranking as a company. It is also important to make sure that the company representatives which you talk to can clearly lay out their policies, and explain to you the differences in the different types of quotes which they offer.

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