You might think that moving home is only a little more complex than packing a few suitcases but you’d be surprised just how much of a logistical nightmare it can be. There is more than simply finding a moving company and putting everything into boxes. In fact, pre-planning to a military-style standard of precision is vital if everything is to be packed, moved and accounted for to any real degree of accuracy. That is why we offer you five of the best moving tips to help you get everything in order.

A Moving Calendar

The calendar is designed not just to act as a countdown to the big day but to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done in plenty of time. Begin as much as six weeks prior to the move and focus on selected aspects of the move on each subsequent week. For example, with six weeks to go, list each room’s contents and divide them into groups for packing; with five weeks to go, check with your moving company that everything’s on course; with four weeks to go, check more boxes are coming, etc – you get the idea.

There are lots of aspects, but remember the small things that can get lost in the crowd – like making sure your own work schedule is free for the specific day and that all the utilities will be switched off and their bills put in order on the final day.

Little Things First

Speaking of little things, it’s with them that you should start your packing. Like any other family, you’ll have gathered plenty of bits and bobs over the years and these all need to be packed first. They are the easiest to store and it’s something that the whole family – even the kids – can be involved in. Trust us, no-one is going to forget that mahogany wardrobe in the spare room but the golf shoes in the closet might be left behind if you haven’t been thorough.


There is no reason to spend days wondering if the old knitting set you never use will fit into the ‘homeware’ box. The chances are that if you’ve never used it in your current home, you won’t use it in the new one either. It’s best to get rid of it and others like it too. You can do this by donating them to a local charity shop, giving them away or organising a garage sale. Either way, clutter is the last thing you need filling a truck.

Keep Things Colorful

This moving tip might seem a little childish but it is proven to help a lot in all things logistical. Color-coding boxes and items makes it far easier to identify when searching for them or double-checking that you’ve got them. Remember, you could have anything from 25 to 70 boxes to transport. A common basis for this strategy is one room-one color, so everything blue is for the kitchen; everything green is for the living room.

Don’t Panic!

It might seem so obvious to you but it really is easy to loose you head amongst the litany of lists and organising that is involved in a move. You don’t have to lose your hair or your sanity. Simply take the time to sit and plan and you’ll find out tat everything that is to be moved will be moved.

And remember, as well as checking these moving tips, you can call us and ask for advice too. We’ve been doing this for so long we can plan a move in our sleep and we’d be happy to make your experience all the more pleasant. After all, a move usually marks the start of a new life.

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Moving can be a very stressful event when you don’t plan ahead, so don’t waste more time and get started planning your move