What is a moving quote and how does it work?
When you contact a customer service representative over the phone, you will usually be given an a ballpark phone estimate. With this, you will be able to get a rough of idea of what the minimum price of your moving job might be. We will be able to tell you what your minimum estimated moving costs are estimated at based upon whatever information you are able to provide us while on the phone. This will be a tentative estimation, but it will not necessarily reflect your final costs.

It is likely that you will wish to receive a more detailed and precise estimate. For this purpose, an In-Home estimate is the best way to accomplish this. You will want to get as accurate an estimate as possible, so you can obtain an in-home estimator which will assist you in eyeballing the inventory in your home so that you can receive a “fixed or not-to-exceed” estimate for your move. The benefit of having an estimator come to your house is that it allows us to get a very clear idea of the scope of your move, so that we can give you a fixed estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate.

When you utilize the in-home estimator option, you will be able to not only anticipate the costs associated with your move, but also to anticipate and work out the logistics associated with your particular moving needs. The in-home estimate will help to assess what it will take to make your moving experience as fast, efficient and cost effective as possible. Your mover will be able to anticipate any difficulties associated with the move, thereby diminishing the time-related costs of moving you into your new space. For example, your estimator can inform both you and the moving company of the inventory, any stairs or elevators, parking issues, doorway clearances, etc.. This makes it easier for you and your mover to plan the move and create contingency plans. What is so helpful about this is that the mover is not forced to go into the situation blind.

Obviously, the most direct benefit of an in-home estimate is that you can receive the “fixed or not-to-exceed” estimate option. This will assist you in the financial planning process. Most of our clients have found this approach to be very comforting, because they can control their costs and avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of their move. Incidental costs are avoided, and you know precisely what you should expect to pay before the day of your move arrives.

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