The 5 Best Packing Tips

We know from experience just how mammoth a task it is to pack everything that you have into boxes – cataloguing them, checking them, moving them, then checking them again and un-packing them. Often the stress of it all can drive you to the edge of reason so it is well worth taking into account there are simple steps you can take to avoid such headaches. We have listed five of the best packing tips to help you get through it all, without threatening your sanity.

Have Everything You Need

It seems all too obvious, we know, but the last thing you need to do is run out of what you need to get everything packed. So, take time to gather the materials you’ll need, such as boxes (various sizes), duck tape, notebooks, pens, markers etc. Use your computer to print out inventory lists and perhaps design name stickers for the boxes. If you are going to color-code boxes and items, make sure that this is allowed for too. It may seem like adding more work but the truth is that having everything within arms reach will make everything run more smoothly. If you do end up with lots left over, keep them for another time.

Make an Inventory – In Detail!

Before your start to pack, make sure you have a detailed inventory of absolutely everything that is to be transported – and we mean everything! You’d be surprised what falls through the cracks only to be found five years later when you finally rumble through that last box in the attic. From your pair of golf shoes to that set of Coen Brothers DVDs, make sure it is all named on a list. Don’t be vague; if you say ‘Music CDs’ then how do you which CDs you’ve brought and which ones are missing?

Organise a Floor Plan

Designate an area of your home specifically for packing. This can be a spare room or a part of the kitchen or living room that is rarely used. Once things are packed away and a box is full, store the boxes here so that when the movers do arrive, they don’t have to scatter themselves around the house looking for things. The big advantage of course, is that you can keep a closer eye on progress being made and easily note packing that still needs to be done.

Choose your Boxes Wisely

There is a well-known phrase in the moving industry: small boxes for heavy items; large boxes for light. It’s logical really but if your have a heavy item (like a TV or sculpted bust), it’s not a great idea to add to the load and make the box harder to carry. Lighter items can fill larger boxes well, but be sure to keep the lightest items at the top. You can get wardrobe boxes to place all your footwear, clothing and bed linen into. These are very large but help to keep everything together. Also, be sure the boxes you use are strong enough for what’s inside.

Know What Not to Pack

While you strive to organise everything per box, keep in mind that there are some things that you shouldn’t pack away. These are the small, highly valuable things like jewelry, private papers, business documents and other things that are just too important to leave in a box. Keep them with you. They rarely take up much space, and you can move them yourself in boxes in your trunk.

Packing doesn’t need to be stressful, and should never be hap-hazard. Once you’ve organised everything on paper, the job itself can progress nicely and by giving yourself plenty of time, the pressure stays off you.

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