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Once you look at the dimensions of a piano, whether it’s upright or grand, you can tell that it is no simple task to transport it to another room, never mind another state. To the layman, it must all look a little like black magic is involved but, in fact, it has everything to do with the equipment that the movers use. After centuries of ropes, blankets, and buckling dollies, movers now have a variety of tools to help them move your piano from A to B efficiently and (perhaps more importantly to you) safely.

Moving a piano is more than a one-man job. Something needs often four people to complete the task, depending on the size of the instrument and route it must take to get onto the truck. To help them, something to make tools such as dollies, stair climbers, piano covers and piano pods full use of.

Hello Dolly

Perhaps the most important item in the piano mover’s arsenal is the dolly, which is a basic chariot. The frame of the dolly traditionally was made of wood and reinforced with steel brackets, but the modern dolly is made completely of steel and is capable of sustaining weights of up to 1,500 lbs. The frame sits on a set of wheels to allow your piano to be wheeled gently out of your home. Modern designs now see the dolly capable of turning on a needle point, while inflated tires add to the smoothness – indeed comfort – of the piano’s journey.

Easy-To-Carry Pod Kits

The reality of moving a piano is that sometimes the instrument has to be disassembled in order to get it through the door and down the corridor. This can sometimes add to the owner’s anxiety, particularly because of the emotional attachment they can have to their instrument. In the old days, piano legs, lyre and rods were wrapped in blankets but today there can be specially packaged in pod kits that offer padding to protect the pieces. Pedal pods can accommodate even the largest pedal lyres (24 inches) and all of the pods can be attached securely in the truck ensuring there is no risk of damage while in transit.

Grand Piano Covers

Of all the pianos, the grand piano has the greatest attraction for everyone but its ‘grand’ design ensures that it is one of the hardest pieces that a mover can be asked to move. That is why it is often treated differently, so when it comes to its cover, the design has to be unique. For grand pianos, a thicker skid pad is positioned under the instrument. While it protects the piano’s underside, the jacket is thrown over the piano in one piece and then clipped securely to the pad. The piano is protected on all asides, fitting snugly in the jacket and skid pad, while it is manoeuvred onto the dolly and transported to the mover’s truck.

The Stair Climber

The state-of-the-art deign of the modern stair climber makes the old image of pianos hoisted up stairs and lowered nervously down them, thanks to a web of ropes and pulleys, redundant. Today, a piano can be fastened to a mechanical stair climber and slowly and carefully ‘driven’ down each step. These machines can carry loads of up to 1,100lbs down and up the stairs. It’s a mover’s dream helper since the risk of back injury is also drastically reduced!

It might all seem straight-forward but after generations of trial and error, near-catastrophes and strained backs, movers are now well-equipped to transport your piano safely to wherever you want it to go.

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