Insurance Your Piano Mover Must Have

For most of us, the first question on our minds when it comes to moving our piano is who can we trust to transport it safely and get it to its destination in one piece – but that shouldn’t be our only concern. Checking the background and references of the moving company you may hire is vital, but understanding where you stand should something go wrong is equally important. So, what insurance policies should a fully professional moving company have?

There are three main kinds of insurance policies that any moving company should have: Commercial-Automotive Insurance; Cartage-Content Insurance; and Workman’s Safety Insurance. These three policies will serve to protect you in case something goes wrong, and prevent any increase in costs that might otherwise fall on your lap to pay.

Commercial-Automotive Insurance

This is a policy that every commercial business with vehicles should have. The policy protects the company against any damage to the vehicle that might be incurred during the move, as well as any damage to property. You don’t need to worry about a lack of recourse should the moving truck get into an accident.

Cartage-Content Insurance

This type of insurance policy makes sure that, should the piano suffer any damage, the moving company is covered and that the costs of any repair will be forthcoming. The last thing that you want is to find keys, strings, pedals or any of the intricate inner workings of your piano to have fallen loose, snapped or broken, with the repair bill coming to you.

Workman’s Safety Insurance

Workman’s safety insurance will protect you against any injury incurred by the movers themselves while transporting your piano. While it might seem obvious, it is well worth reminding you that without this policy, you may be liable for any injury your movers may meet with while on the job, such as a broken leg or arm, or a slipped disk. Why is this? Well, contractually you are considered the employer once you have hired a moving company, and the onus then falls on you to provide safety in the workplace and accept full liability for any accident or incident causing ‘your’ workers harm. So, be sure to ask for an up-to-date clearance certificate before committing to hiring a company.

Lastly, be sure to get an accurate and clearly stated Bill of Lading from the hired company. This is considered a legal document that lays out all the logistical details of the move, an inventory of what is to be moved, all the relevant names and the insurance value of each item – in this case your piano. Most importantly, the document should also detail any marks, scratches or other damage to your piano before the move ever gets underway. With a complete Bill of Lading, you will be fully and legally covered in case of any mishaps.

The truth is that you are responsible for checking that the moving company you hire is covered by each of these three insurance policies; there is no onus on the companies themselves to forward the information. So, do a thorough check of your options and make sure that the candidate companies you are considering are fully insured. In the long run, the effort will be well worth its time.

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