How to Prepare Your Piano for the Move

It may seem obvious to say but when something as large and heavy as your valuable piano is about to be moved, there are some small things that can be done to make the transit go more smoothly. Of course, as the piano owner, you like to keep your instrument in the best possible condition but even the greatest piano lover can overlook some small things ahead of a move. We’ve come up with a list of things you can do to prepare your piano for the move, help the mover and, in turn, ensure a more stress-free moving day experience for everyone.

Clear the Route

The most logical thing for anyone preparing to move anywhere is to know how to get there, but it’s important to remove any obstacles that may prove to be problematic to the movers. These may include a bookshelf, a locker, a plant on the floor in a corner or even a closet door that keeps opening by itself. Make sure that the floor is clear too, especially if you have children that may leave a skateboard or marble lying around. That could spell catastrophe! When you do examine the route, take into account the dimensions of the piano and the angles of any corners, sometimes the route you think will be taken is the route that can’t be taken.

Examine the piano, especially its casters

Take a close look at the instrument itself. You’ll probably know every scratch and dint in it but just be sure that every minor thing is catalogued – for the sake of your own peace of mind as much as for the mover’s files. Be sure to check the casters. Your piano has probably been standing in the same spot for years and although the casters look sturdy enough, a build-up of grit and dust can clog the wheels. When pushed strongly, there is a danger that they might break which could cause serious damage to the piano itself, not just its legs. If the casters are damaged, or even rusted, you can use furniture sliders.

Pack away the extras

For everyone involved, the piano is the greatest concern so it’s not unusual for you to forget about the little things that accompany it. These can be the piano stool, sheet music stacked on the piano’s lid, even the metronome that sits up there too. It’s a good idea to pack all of these things away before the piano is touched. Movers need to focus strongly on moving the main item and it’s always appreciated when the small, extra items are already dealt with.

Prepare the destination

Moving a piano out of a home is only half the job for the movers that you’ve hired. They also need to move the piano into your new home. So, take time to familiarize yourself with the floor plan of the new building. Do the same as you did for the exit route, ensuring that the path is clear, that any possible obstacles are removed and that the dimensions of doorways and corridors that you might give to the movers are as accurate as possible.

Taking just a little time to deal with these issues can make moving-day a far more enjoyable time for you and the movers alike – and will help to ensure that disaster stays away on a day when you most want it to.

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