Moving Tips: Preparing Your Move

If you’re like most people, your moving experiences have been full of stress, anxiety and unforeseen pitfalls. Everyone wants a plan that goes off perfect, and without a hitch. But there are several shortfalls which beset even the smartest movers, and often these are very common every day practicalities that have been overlooked. Here are some helpful, practical tips that you might not have considered yet.

Gather all the supplies you’ll need.

The obvious fact is that you’ll need boxes, what many people overlook however, is that you’ll need LOTS of boxes, usually more than you expect, and better to have too many than too few come moving day. Planning ahead will make your you move much, much easier! Also make sure to have some boxes set aside to use for after the move moving day, there are always things left over after the trucks have pulled away such as cleaning supplies. Make sure you have high quality (heavy duty) plastic packing tape to seal boxes up well. You don’t want things falling out in transit. Use packing paper or news paper to wrap fragile items like dishware, and bubble wrap to cushion other delicate items. Remember to by extras. You can always return unopened items after your all moved in, just hang on to your receipt (Don’t pack it!).

Create an inventory list.

Make sure to write everything down! You’ll be glad you did later on. Prior to packing anything, grab your pen and paper, and make a simple, easy to read record keeping system. A good strategy is to create numbered pages with space to log your inventory list on the sheet. This will make it easier to find the items that you packed. For each box list, place the corresponding number on each box, and double check to make sure that the contents match up before you seal it up. Make sure to keep the list on your person. You don’t want it to get accidently packed too.

Pack Smartly

Make sure that you balance the items well within a box. Making your box too top-heavy or too heavy on one side will lead to spills, damaged items or even injuries. You should also be careful to keep delicate items in their own, well cushioned boxes, you don’t want to open you box and find your priceless china crushed under the weight of your bowling ball.

Use a Color System.

Designate a color that represents each room in destination location, i.e. blue for the bathroom, brown for your office and so on. Purchase colored stickers which you can place in each room of your current location. When you pack up that room, remember to place the appropriate sticker on each box there. You can then place the corresponding colored sticker on each door at the destination. Inform the movers of your system, that way, at your new location, the movers will know where everything goes. This can make your moving experience much easier, and much more streamlined.

Moving can be a pain, but if you follow the helpful tips described above, your transition will be far more stress-free, and maybe even a little fun.

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Moving can be a very stressful event when you don’t plan ahead, so don’t waste more time and get started planning your move