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What is Self-Storage?

You might wonder what a person does when he or she moves to a new apartment or house that is smaller than their former home. Where do they keep their excess belongings? Often, it may not even be smaller, but after years in one place, some things gathered become unneeded – for the time being at least. In such cases, people turn to self-storage as a way to keep their old furniture, albums or even clothes but not have them clutter the hallways, room and closets of their new place.

There is huge convenience in self-storage in that your property remains in your hands, and is locked away in a secure location, ensuring that no unwanted people can get their hands on them, or rain shower can damage them. But what exactly is self-storage?

Basically, it works on the same principle as a locker at a bus station. If you’ve got a suitcase or backpack that you don’t want to lug around with you all day, you can put it into a locker, keep the key and do what you want until you decide to go back for it. Self-storage works in the same way but on a much larger scale, of course. You keep the key, in that you are in total control of access to the storage facility and you can store your possessions at the facility for as long as you see fit.

The reason for the existence and success of self-storage facilities is that people and companies don’t want unknown people to be able to rummage through their things or equipment without their permission or knowledge. While many individuals turn to this method of storage, companies also do so, keeping old office furniture, even files and documents, in facilities and allowing space in the office to be freed up.

Previously, companies offering storage facilities to the public and corporate sectors would have strict rules in the guise of security, preventing and restricting access to the owners. These days, the power of access is held primarily by the storer (you) and they control access. Some storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, meaning you can go there at any time to check on your things. Ramps and drives can also allow you to by-pass any registering or clocking in and go straight to the unit where your things are.

Spaces of practically any size can be rented and then used as is needed. You may rent a space no bigger than a closet and keep your stash of comic books there until you can find a place in your new home for them, or you could rent a space the size of a locker-room and keep your Jaguar there, because you don’t have satisfactory parking in your new place. The reasons can vary, but the needs are the same – a need for space and security. Perhaps best of all is the fact that you can add more possessions, move some or all of your possessions out, or move other ones in without any hindrance. The space is yours, and you can store whatever you wish there.

However, there is no moving service provided in any self-storage agreement. You will have to get your possessions to the facility and into the unit and you will have to transport them out also. Moving companies that offer storage services will gladly move the items for you, but often it is a separate contract and must be paid for separately.

A contract with the storage facility is legally binding but can be ended with relatively little fuss. It is not unusual for people to store possessions for five or 10 years, only to suddenly turn up, end their storage contract and move everything out within a week. Most agreements allow for monthly payments in advance, ensuring that flexibility is always present in the agreement. Deposits are taken to secure the storage area in the first place but be sure to get that back, as well as a refund for the time already paid for but when the unit wasn’t being used.

There is a freedom in self-storage that few other forms of storage can boast. In the modern world, when people’s jobs can force them to move frequently in a relatively short period of time (three or four times in one year, for example) self-storage is a highly convenient and highly necessary service.

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