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Moving Storage vs. Self-Storage

Most moving companies oversee almost every detail from packing to safely transporting your prized possessions to your new location.

A moving storage company can ensure the safety of your belongings during or between the moving services. It is a perfect answer to an easy moving process. There are many moving and storage companies that you can hire for long or short terms depending on your needs.

These are some of the advantages of moving companies compared to a self-storage facility:

  1. Storing your things with a moving company has its advantages, because you can store your things for a discounted rate, and get a discounted rate on your move-in and move-out from the storage facility. Self-storage is generally billed at high market rates, so it comes out more expensive, plus a moving company wouldn’t have any incentive to reduce their rate on a move into or out of self storage, so the move is more expensive as well.
  2. Hiring a moving company will spare you from the hassles of packing or moving while a self-storage facility will cost you precious time and effort since you will be doing the packing and lifting. You might also get hurt lifting and carrying heavy furniture and boxes. It is your responsibility to bring the things that you will store to the self-storage facility. You will also be the one to arrange your stuff into the storage space, and, eventually do the moving out yourself, although there are some self-storage facilities that will do the job with an additional fee.
  3. Most moving companies will provide you with boxes and the materials that you will need for your packing and moving. In self-storage facilities, you can get as many boxes as you want but with a fee.
  4. The persons employed in moving companies are professionally trained to properly wrap, pack and store your stuff. Thus, you are hiring a professional team who is specializing in this kind of work. You will be assured that your things are stored and organized by category in the boxes so that you can easily have access to anything you want. Just sit back and watch the professionals as they do the packing, loading and moving for you.
  5. A moving company relieves you of the stress of packing, loading and moving your possessions to your new place. You don’t have to worry about your things getting damaged when these are being transported or moved. But when you use a self-storage facility, you will do the packing and storage your self, there is a bigger possibility that some of your stuff might be damaged because they have not been properly packed.
  6. With a moving storage company, you don’t to stand in line to rent a truck or trailer.
  7. When you have some goods that you don’t need in your new location, you can have them stored with the moving company and delivered at a later date when you already have the need for them. Thus a moving storage facility will double as a regular storage facility. If you were using a self-storage facility, you will be the one to drive your things to a storage facility and unpack them.

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