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Storage FAQ

  1. Do I need a storage facility?
    In order to answer this question, you have to ask yourself if:
    you really need a storage facility
    you will be using the stored property in the future
    you still have any use of the items you will be storing
    the things you will be storing have any sentimental value to you
  2. Why must I choose a moving storage company over self-storage?
    A moving company will take care of packing, moving and storage of your things, thus saving you time and effort. Moving companies can store your stuff and deliver them according to your instructions regarding the date or time.
  3. What items can I store?
    Considering the many things that you have accumulated over the years, it would be much easier to list down the things that you will choose not to store including food, combustible materials, plants, firearms, and items of high value. You should ask your storage company about specific items are restricted or not allowed for storage.
  4. How much will moving and storage cost me?
    The amount that you will be paying for storage cost will depend on the size, duration of storage, special requirements or amenities, and whether you are lucky enough to avail of special offers during non-peak periods.
    Fees will also vary from state to state. Most local moving services charge on a per hour basis while long distances including interstate moves calculate the cost based on the weight of the items to be moved and the distance that your stuff will be transported.
  5. Are my things covered by an insurance coverage?
    Most reputable storage facilities have their own insurance, but you have to be particular and ask about your property’s protection in case of fire, flood, and other calamities—natural and man-made.
  6. What are other factors which I should consider in order to select the best moving storage facility?
    Take note of the times that you can have access to your stuff. There are storage facilities which offer 24/7 access to your things, there are also other facilities where you can access your things only during normal business hours, while some require special notice so that you can gain access to your unit.
  7. What about security measures?
    Ask about what security measures are being undertaken by the storage company to protect your things. Is there a 24/7 security and CCTV camera? How about state of the art smoke, fire, and burglar alarm systems? Determine what type of neighborhood the storage facility is in. They should have a strict regulation regarding access to the main storage facility. Only authorized personnel should be allowed and even customers who will be accessing their storage containers should be asked for proof of identify. Security procedures should always be strictly enforced.

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