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Storage Pricing

There are several factors which will determine how much you will be paying for actual rental costs. Although this will vary from company to company, the amount is mainly influence by the volume of space that you will need, associated costs such as lighting, basic amenities including environmental control, insurance and security. You might require or demand other services and you will surely be charged extra cost.

Storage Insurance

Not all storage facilities have basic insurance that will cover your things in storage. There are facilities which will require you to take out policies with them or their affiliated suppliers; still, others will ask a proof of insurance from you before you are allowed to avail of their services. Check your home insurance policy if it covers storage of home contents away from home premises. If it doesn’t, you have to take an additional policy to insure your things adequately.

Climate Controlled Storage

There are many storage companies which have facilities to control the environment including temperature and humidity inside the storage area. But you have to pay more to avail of this option.

Transport and Manpower

Many storage companies provide free vehicles and manpower to facilitate your moving process, but you have to ask about these facilities. Because most free vehicles are only available for a certain period of time, and if you go beyond the limit, then you have to pay for extra mileage and time. If you need more manpower to pack and carry your things, then expect to be charged extra labor costs.

Storage Padlocks

Some storage companies have padlocks which you can use but you have to pay for them. There are also companies who have custom-made padlocks that they insist you should use. Compared to ordinary standard padlocks which you can easily find in stores, these padlocks offer extra security measures since they have been custom-made for this purpose.

Storage Deposit

Most storage companies require a deposit before your things are allowed to be moved in.

Stroage Discounts

Senior citizens can usually take advantage of a 5-10% discount off of storage monthly rentals with companies that offer a discount for senior citizens.

When you are still shopping around for the best storage company which you can entrust with your precious belongings, never seal a deal without an in depth assessment of quality service that they can extend to you. Since the storage industry has bloomed in recent years, costs have become more competitive in an effort to attract more customers. Expect more special offers and discounts that you can avail of. But never compromise the security of your property in relation to the amount that you will have to pay for storage.

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