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If you’re looking for Washington DC Movers to help you make a local, long-distance, or international move, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need Professional Washington DC Movers office movers, DC residential movers (DC furniture movers), DC long distance moves, or DC local movers, we can show you how to find the finest full-service moves Washington DC offers. It creates not all DC moving companies equally so you must invest time to find the best DC moving company to help you with your move.

So, sit back, relax, and read on to find out more about the way the DC moving industry works. In this article, we will share some of our extensive industry knowledge with you, and we encourage you to contact us should you have additional questions about how to plan for your move.

If you’re wondering how qualified, we are to give you this information; you need to know that we are a premier moving company in DC ourselves, so we have years of experience in this industry. We’ve done big moves, small moves, ordinary moves, and specialty moves. We’ve moved everything from $10,000,000 mansions in Potomac and Georgetown (and large commercial moves), to small homes, and studio apartments. We’ve seen it all, and we know this industry inside out.

Testing DC Movers

So how do you go about testing Washington DC moving companies?… Well, just like most things in life, there’s a simple answer and a complex answer to this question. Since we are strong believers in the “Keeping It Super Simple” (KISS) approach, we’ll give you the simple answer, because in this day and age you most likely don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to deep research of the moving industry.

Lucky for you, there are some simple and easy ways to tell whether the DC Movers with which you’re dealing are bad movers, or a credible and ethical business. So, in the spirit of helping you sort through the chafe, let’s take a look at a few quick and easy ways to evaluate DC Moving Companies:

  1. Check the BBB – This is probably the easiest way to eliminate bad movers Washington DC has yet to discover. Check their BBB record, and see what grade they’ve been awarded (are they an A+, B-, or maybe an F). There is usually an explanation of the grade awarded, so be sure to read the description. Figure out how many complaints there have been, how severe they were, and whether or not they were addressed and amicably resolved by the moving company.
  2. Browse their Web Site – Take a look at the moving company’s web site, and ask yourself if it looks like they’ve invested any energy in educating their clients and providing ongoing high-end online support. If the company’s web site looks bare and light on content, and it looks like they only update it once every few years then this can be a warning sign that they may not be a serious operation. Anybody can put up a few pages and call themselves a professional mover, but it takes a serious company with significant resources to truly maintain a cutting-edge online presence that is current, constantly updated, and offers useful content. So, a cutting-edge web site can indicate that the company is doing well financially, but why is that helpful in choosing a mover?… The reason why this is a good measure of a top DC mover is because healthy DC moving companies don’t need to rip off their customers–they most likely have plenty of return business (because they do a good job), as well as reliable ongoing income from government and corporate contracts that keep their cash flow in good health. They do business above board, and charge fair market rates for their services, rather than rock bottom prices.
  3. Look at their Pricing – If a DC mover is quoting you prices that appear too good to be true, or overly competitive then there may be a problem with that mover. DC moving companies are notorious for bait-and-switch tactics that involve quoting a super low price (without a fixed or not-to-exceed estimate), and then jacking up the price on the actual move day to twice, or three times the actual moving price. Beware companies that avoid giving you a fixed price, and beware of companies that quote rock-bottom hourly rates. For example, at the time of this writing our hourly rates are $120/hr for 3 movers and a truck. Do you know that some movers would offer you $69/hr for 3 movers and a truck?… The caveat is that they know that on your actual moving date you are going to pay double or triple that price. We sometimes offer discounts that bring our prices down by as much as 40%, but they are not our regular rates! They are simply discounts designed to increase our volume. We do this as a marketing tactic, because we know that at least 80% of the people who moved with us before will move with us again, so we take on new clients with little to no profit in order to spread the good word about our company. Some movers Washington DC residents have caught manipulating their clients have no intention of being upfront with you about your moving costs. Be wary of these rogue DC movers, and do your research!
  4. Test Customer Service – Take the time to test the moving company’s customer service. If they don’t answer your questions promptly, fully, and in a friendly manner BEFORE you move with them, beware. because chances are they won’t do it during and after your move either. Ask detailed questions and see if you get dodgy or sketchy answers.
  5. Look up DOT Licensing – Make sure the company you’re dealing with is actually licensed by the DOT. Are they a broker who will sell your job off to other DC Movers, or are they a full-service DC Moving Company? Those are good questions to ask, and the information is easily available at SaferWeb, which is part of the DOT’s many online resources.
  6. Follow your Gut! – Yes, we know. this sounds a bit touchy-feely to the more analytical people in our audience, but do not dismiss this approach. It does work. If you’re getting a bad feeling about a DC mover, and a lingering feeling of “I’m not so sure about this.” repeating in the back of your mind, pay attention to it! This kind of awareness can save you thousands of dollars. Any DC movers that do not invest the time and effort to truly make you feel safe most likely don’t have your safety foremost on their mind. If it doesn’t feel right it most likely isn’t. Movers Washington DC residents have rated highly usually go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable with your move by explaining all of their fees and procedures in a clear and understandable way. They also make sure your contracts are easy to read and comprehend.

Now that we’ve given you some tools to make your move smoother and safer, here’s our spiel about why we think you should consider us as one of your choices for DC Movers.

We’re Premiere Washington Movers

If you’re wondering whether we’re equipped to move you, the answer is most definitely “yes!” If you can think something that needs to be moved, there is a 99% chance that we have professional experience moving it.

Whether you have specialty items (such as fine art, antiques, pianos, collectibles, pool tables, and safes), or run-of-the-mill office or residential goods, we can transport your things with maximum safety, efficiency, and professionalism. We are consistent in our dedication to quality service and we maintain the highest levels of customer care at all times.

So, put your move on autopilot (and your mind at ease) knowing that we will handle all aspects of your move to perfection. Why bother hiring separate moving companies as your DC office movers, fine art movers, piano movers, or residential movers, when you can have Topline Moving for the whole job in one fell swoop?

We can handle any size job, and deliver locally, nationally, and internationally. When it comes to Washington DC moving, it’s very hard to surprise us, because we’ve seen it all, and done it all. So, trust your move to Topline, and we’ll handle all your DC moving needs the right way — this time, and every time.

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