Your Moving Rights and Responsibilities

Just like any other industry worth its salt, the moving industry strives to maintain the highest standards in service and accountability. As a result, it adheres to strict regulations, which have been established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are designed to protect your rights as a consumer and the interests of the moving company you may hire.

The rights and responsibilities of both the mover and moving company are clearly laid out, from the documentation needed to the manner in which you may be asked to pay once the moving company has completed the job to your satisfaction. It means that both parties are clear in their moving rights and responsibilities, and as such helps to avoid upset, argument and disappointment on both sides.

Amongst other things, the FMCSA regulations point out that your responsibility is to seek out a ‘reputable shipper of household goods’, which is an effort to ensure that shipping fraud is combated efficiently. Unfortunately, and just like so many other industries, the moving industry also has its ‘cowboys’ – which is why we always insist that you check out all the details given by a prospective moving company.

There is also an onus on you to fully understand the terms and conditions of any contract that you might enter into with a company before you put pen to paper. It is logical, of course, but even the smallest details can be lost to you if you rush into an agreement. It is equally important that you are fully aware of the avenues open to you should a problem crop up, so that you can properly and constructively complain to the relevant authorities.

Some of the most important facts you should be aware of refer to procedures of estimating, paying, rights regarding insurance and the existence of a Dispute Settlement Program. For example, movers are required to give estimates in writing, not simply verbally, and some estimates may be considered binding – meaning that a set service and set price is agreed. Non-binding estimates should be accepted in the understanding that the agreed price may not be accurate and that the actual price sought by a moving company could be more.

Other rights to be aware of are that you should seek guarantees regarding the dates of pick-up and delivery, and that, should there be loss or damage suffered by you, the valuation and actual insurance figures given may differ. If there is a dispute over any loss or damage, then your moving company should have a dispute settlement program to help resolve the situation.

It is also your right to be present when your shipment is weighed and you have a right to demand a re-weighing of the shipment if you are not happy.

A complete and detailed booklet on your moving rights and responsibilities is available to read on the FMCSA website. Check it out to become fully informed of all the obligations connected with a move.

There are also other government and official organisations, either locally or state-based, that may provide you with information. These include the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General, the local Chamber of Commerce and the Consumer Protection Agency.

We at Topline Moving & Storage would urge you to read the booklet and be fully aware of your rights. Of course, you are more than welcome to contact us at our customer service desk to ask any questions that you might have. We have no problem in filling you in on where you stand, and what you might have to do to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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